How to attend a virtual Kinky Salon

"Fire Kissed" shows picture of candle, eggs and a womans lips

Sat Jan 30, 8pm LONDON

12pm West Coast

Bright blessings, fellow pervs, Fear not! Good tidings are afoot: A firm green seedling has emerged betwixt the heavy legs of winter! The tip (just the tip) now stands erect, bidding your attention. Soon this bud will bloom, verdant, lush, drenched with sticky sap to tickle bees and bring forth Spring. For now let’s dance, laugh, and warm our hearth, let’s stoke our fires, flames licking like the tongues of our lovers, and prepare for The New!

EXPLORE a virtual world of forests, faeries & fire
IMMERSE in interactive games, dancing, ice-breakers, and deep conversations
AROUSE in saucy, hosted, erotic playspaces!
It will be SILLY! It will be SEXY! 
It will be KINKY SALON!



Faeries of the forest, bunnies, nymphs, sprites, satyrs, gnomes, serpents, unicorns, flames, candles, white, sunshine, trees, plants, lighted headbands, flowers in your hair, crowns of leaves, crystals, glitter, rainbows, ribbons, firebirds, dragons, groundhogs and lactating ewes.
We want to give you an excuse to dress up and feel sexy but we also understand the limitations of lockdown. Dressing up isn’t mandatory, but it is fun (and you can wear your PJs from the waist down ? 


What is a virtual Kinky Salon?

Tune in from anywhere in the world to our EPIC, members only, multi-city, multi-roomed, digital adventures in the KS+ Party Portal!

COSTUMED! The perfect excuse to get dressed up and feel sexy.

WEIRD! Explore the arty and weird virtual spaces we dream up for your pleasure.

DANCING! Dance around your living room to our fabulous DJs.

CABARET ACTS! Join the audience of our virtual show.

FRIENDS! Say hi to the friends you’ve been missing.

SEXYTIMES! Make sexy connections in our x-rated areas.

Virtual Kinky Salons are wild and sexy adventures into the digital realm! Hosted by creative teams from multiple cities, these events push the boundaries of what’s possible in a virtual event. With costumes, interactive weirdness, silly ice-breakers, dancing, deep conversations, flirty fun, and saucy sexytimes, all creatively packaged in silly themes, this muti-roomed extravaganza will satisfy your yearning for fun, connection and community in a way that only Kinky Salon can.


Do you want to participate more deeply in KS+? Are you ready to become a vital part of this virtual community-experience? We are looking for a few good CARETAKERS and HOSTS to help guide the community in this digital realm.



All profits from the sale of tickets are shared with performers and room hosts, supporting the infrastructure of artists and weirdos who make Kinky Salon unique.