Hi London!

I’m Polly Superstar, founder of Kinky Salon, and I’ve recently stepped in to steer KSL back to its roots. The team running things have all stepped away, and there’s a completely new team at the helm. With a span of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ability, social and ethnic backgrounds they represent the incredible diversity of the global Kinky Salon community. You can see their faces on the  upcoming event Peach Wilkins, Klarion, Sam, Roy Graff, Yalmar, Mattana, Yoms, Ricardo, and Ansuman.

Kinky Salon is an experiment that started 18 years ago in San Francisco and spread organically to multiple cities. I provide all the tools and training, but I’m not normally in charge of running the events. With this relaunch I’ve taken a more active role than I usually do. I’ve been gentle because change can be hard, and I’m aware that it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. I’m ready, with the help of a rock solid team, to reimagine the future of KSL.

London holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I’m from. Kinky Salon is the love-child of my experiences as a young perv in the fetish clubs of London in the ‘90s and the queer, creative, inclusive, socially conscious community I discovered in San Francisco in the ‘00s

This Saturday we celebrate KSL’s 12 year anniversary and the incredible resilience and unbounded creativity of the community. The new team are busting their butts to create something beautiful for you to experience.

When it feels safe again, I can’t wait to rebuild small, creative, intimate, in person events focused on re-establishing our shared values.

With a goal of 100% transparency I’m throwing open the channels of communication. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, criticisms, compliments, or suggestions, I am available for one on one conversations https://calendly.com/pollysuperstar/chat or you can just ping me at polly@kinkysalon.com

See you this Saturday!

Learn about our values here https://www.kinkysalonlondon.org/about/our-core-values/
Read our anti-racism policies here https://www.kinkysalonlondon.org/anti-racism