During the pandemic we’ve launched our own custom party portal and private social network!



With costumes, interactive weirdness, silly ice-breakers, dancing, deep conversations, flirty fun, and saucy sexytimes, all packaged in our creative themes, we will satisfy your yearning for play, connection, and community in a way that only Kinky Salon can…

Kinky Salon is a global movement that promotes sexual liberation by hosting community gatherings where sex is integrated into the social fabric of the events. Kinky Salons are parties. They are really, really fun parties with costumes, art, dancing, and performance, as well as areas where people can be playfully sexual. Creativity is the focus of the events, and sex is just one way to express yourself at a Kinky Salon. We call it a Sex Culture Revolution. Find out about our global community at

 We are queer friendly, anti-racist, body positive, accessible and inclusive. We see the liberation of sexuality as a means of personal transformation, and personal transformation as a means of cultural transformation. When you connect the dots, Kinky Salon is really about making the world a better place, one pervert at a time.